Monday, August 3, 2009

Reviewing According to Crow at Guys Lit Wire

Over at Guys Lit Wire, a blog that reviews books for teenage boys, I discuss Ekaterina Sedia's debut novel, According to Crow. If you've read her two later books, The Secret History of Moscow and The Alchemy of Stone, then you'll want to check out her first one. If you have yet to discover the extraordinary Ms. Sedia, then let this be your introduction.


*lynne* said...

Patrick Rothfuss had pointed me in the direction of The Secret History of Moscow - I had to take it slowly, but definitely enjoyed it. Upon checking out your reviews, I've already put a hold request at the local library for The Alchemy of Stone. No sign of Crow in the Chicago Public Library system tho.

Alex Bledsoe said...

I had to do an interlibrary loan to get According to Crow from my local library, so you might try that. It's worth the trouble.