Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New cover art for Burn Me Deadly

Here's the mass market paperback cover art for Burn Me Deadly, from the same artist who did Dark Jenny. What do you think?

(Don't yet have the official release date, but I'll post it ASAP.)


Unknown said...


If the artist ever needs a busty model to pose with that guy, I'm in!

This Blonde's Life said...

I really like it. It is a cover that would catch my eye in the store.

Clare said...

I like this style of cover, because it inches ever forward to the sword and sorcery noir parody covers I would love to see on these books, like the Hard Case Crime covers. Will The Sword-Edged Blonde ever be done in this style to unify the series?

Deborah Blake said...

Fabulous! I love it!

ediFanoB said...

I like it when covers of a series are done in the same style.

The DARK JENNY cover was definitely a big step forward. The style fits perfectly to the Eddie LaCrosse novels.
Great to see that you chose the same artist again.
The new BURN ME DEADLY cover is excellent.