Monday, October 25, 2010

Help! I need a catch phrase!

One of the most fun parts of being an author is signing books for readers, but I often find myself stuck for clever wording. Sure, "best wishes" and "thanks for reading" are acceptable fall-backs, but I want something unique and fun. George Romero, for example, signs everything, "Stay Scared!" My problem is I write both horror and fantasy, so I need a catch phrase that works for both.

So help me out, you brilliant folk. And for incentive, I've got a copy of The Girls with Games of Blood on unabridged audio for the person who comes up with a workable catchphrase before I leave for the World Fantasy Convention on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

For the vampire novels, "You suck, Alex Bledsoe" Then you give a wink at the reader. Or maybe not the wink. Gametime decision.

Anonymous said...

"Keep dreaming, keep screaming!"?

Unknown said...

Keep your teeth/sword pointy.
"Stay sharp!" with a little drawing of fangs or a sword
Dream on, scream on!

Or how about "Duck!!"

Fred Perry said...

Stay speculative?