Thursday, November 5, 2009

Coffee, tea or a signed copy?

If you've read The Sword-Edged Blonde, you know about Angelina's Tavern. Eddie LaCrosse has his office above the kitchen, and spends a lot of his off-time sitting at the bar. It plays an even bigger role in BURN ME DEADLY.

Now we all know about mead, and ale, and rum, and all the standard tavern drinks. But what would be on their specialty drinks menu? Suggest a drink for Angelina's Tavern in the comments and be entered to win the first signed copy (well, first after the one I sent my mom) of BURN ME DEADLY.

(And maybe your drink will show up in Eddie's next adventure, Dark Jenny.)


David Steffen said...

The Widowmaker. You have to drink it before it eats through the tankard, and have to pay a deposit in case of damage to the bar.

Unknown said...

Here's a drink I created when I went to Hotel & Restaurant in college.
I call it The Quickie.

1 oz Sambuca
1 oz Bailey's Irish Cream
1 oz Creme de Menthe

Creme de Menthe goes in first
Using spoon, carefully pour in the Sambuca
Using spoon, carefully pour in Bailey's

This will leave you a layered drink.
The Quickie tastes like an After 8 mint. But hits like a sledgehammer when you stand up.
All the best,
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Neil Richard said...


Plain coffee flavored drink made from either coffee beans or chicory root. Milk or cream can be added to cut the bite. Sugar is for wimps.

And no need to enter me in the signed contest, I'll just try my hand at getting my drink in the next book.

Rob Steffen said...

I submit The Rusty Cleaver, predecessor of the bloody Mary. Made with rum and any available vegetable juice (preferably tomato, but you never know what might be available in Neceda) and always heavy on the horseradish. And if there's no vegetable juice available, then of course just rum and horseradish will do.

Book Harpie said...

Balaton Iced Tea, of course.

Mixture of whatever you can squeeze out of the bar rags. Yummy.

Unknown said...

Fire Ale. Regular Ale, but you light it on fire before you serve it.

Gloria Oliver said...

Dagger Ale - Dark logger with Super Hot Sauce and a long dirk/dagger in the tankard (Like you would paper umbrellas here.) :P

Corby Kennard said...

The Rogue's Stiletto, also known as the Back-Stabber.

It's the kind of drink you have a few of, and before you know it, it sneaks up on you and suddenly puts you on your face in the middle of the floor.

A Poisoned Stiletto is the same thing, but it comes with Absinthe.

Zombie Joe said...

I am thinking the Firecracker.

Shot of Cinnamin Schnapps with a couple dashes of tobasco sauce.

Or a Sparkler... same thing with a bit of water or soda water over ice.