Friday, December 12, 2008

Reunions, part 2

This is a very personal post, one I never thought I'd get to write.

Many years ago, nearly two decades by now, I met two young ladies and fell in love.

Holly was three when I first saw her; Brandi was a newborn. The lack of biological connection was never a factor. When you open your heart to a child, it never fades or changes. You always love them. And for six years, they were the most important thing in my life.

Alas, to paraphrase the song "Memphis, Tennessee," "We were torn apart because [their] Mom did not agree." And for twelve years I had no idea what had become of them. I could only hope they remembered me, and that one day I would have the chance to tell them I loved them.

And at last, I had that chance.

Thank you, Brandi, for finding me on the Internet. And thank you both for remembering that I love you.


Dori said...

Oh my friend... I am so very happy for you. They are (and have always been) so beautuful. Two of the most loving children I have ever had the chance to be around, and I believe you had something to do with that. May your relationship continue to grow. All my love to you all.

Deborah Blake said...

What a great picture. Family is what you make it. My step-daughter is one of the most precious people in my life, yet her father and I divorced when she was 5 and "technically" she is no connection to me any more. Luckily, I was able to win the fight to keep her in my life, and we are closer today (she is 26 now) than we ever were.
Blessings on you all,

Tia Nevitt said...

I'm so glad this story had a happy ending for you!

LMB said...

This does my heart so much good. And as someone who was there when your heart broke from dreams you had at night or a reminder or two... I'm so glad you've all found each other and love is reclaimed. I can't believe how your life is coming together. Has come together. I'm grateful for that, Alex. Truly, truly.

Stan D. said...

Thanks for making me cry. Bastard.

Seriously, congrats.