Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm interviewed at Patricia's Vampire Notes (and you can win an autographed book!)

It's one week from the release of my vampire novel Blood Groove, and today I'm interviewed at Patricia's Vampire Notes. You can also sign up for a chance to win a signed copy of Blood Groove. Be sure to stop by!

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black_magdalene said...

Alex, you mentioned your old-world vampire's arrogance was his greatest fault, but it only barely stops him from tripping up. That honestly reminds me of Doctor Who. This character is the smartest and most clever and unafraid, &c. &c., but sometimes it leads him into situations where normal people would be very stupid to descend. On the other hand, I would say the Doctor's weakness and most "human" feature is his loneliness. He constantly has to have a companion, a reflection for his own action and consciousness. I look forward to meeting your vampire and seeing his interaction with others.